WAMP是指在Windows服务器上使用Apache、MySQL和PHP的集成安装环境,可以快速安装配置Web服务器,一般说来,大家都习惯 于将Apache、MySQL、PHP架设在Linux系统下,但是,不可否认的是Windows也有其优点,就是易用,界面友好,软件丰富,操作起来非常方便,因此对新手来说在Windows平台下使用Apache、MySQL、PHP也确实是一个不错的选择。

WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. Alongside, PhpMyAdmin allows you to manage easily your databases.

WampServer installs automatically all you need to start developing web applications and is very intuitive to use. You will be able to tune your server without even touching the setting files.


  • Double click on the downloaded file and just follow the instructions. Everything is automatic. The WampServer package is delivered whith the latest releases of Apache, MySQL and PHP.
  • Once WampServer is installed, you can manually add aditionals Apache, Php or MySql (only VC9, VC10 and VC11 compiled) versions. Explanations will be provided on the forum.
  • Each release of Apache, MySQL and PHP has its own settings and its own files (datas for MySQL).
Using wampserver
  • The “www” directory will be automatically created (usually c:\wamp\www)
  • Create a subdirectory in “www” and put your PHP files inside.
  • Click on the “localhost” link in the WampSever menu or open your internet browser and go to the URL : http://localhost


WampServer's functionalities are very complete and easy to use so we won't explain here how to use them.
With a left click on WampServer's icon, you will be able to:

  • manage your Apache and MySQL services
  • switch online/offline (give access to everyone or only localhost)
  • install and switch Apache, MySQL and PHP releases
  • manage your servers settings
  • access your logs
  • access your settings files
  • create alias
With a right click :
  • change WampServer's menu language
  • access this page

WampServer is available for free (under GPML license) in two distinct versions : 32 and 64 bits. Wampserver 2.5 is not compatible with Windows XP, neither with SP3, nor Windows Server 2003. Older WampServer versions are available on SourceForge.


wamp snapshoot 1 wamp snapshoot 2 wamp snapshoot 3 wamp snapshoot 4 wamp snapshoot 5 wamp snapshoot 6


Windows XP、Windows Vista、Windows 7、Windows 8、Windows 10、
Windows 2003、Windows 2008、Windows 2012、Windows 2016


本地下载:wamp_x86_win.zip    wamp_x64_win.zip
百度盘:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1o8LvSL0 (wamp_x86_win.zip)    https://pan.baidu.com/s/1cM0vls (wamp_x64_win.zip)
迅雷下载:wamp_x86_win.zip  wamp_x64_win.zip